1. 22 Nov, 2018 1 commit
  2. 08 Jan, 2018 2 commits
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      Backport authorized_keys_enabled defaults to true' · 797fe0a6
      Michael Kozono authored
      Originally from branch 'fix-authorized-keys-enabled-default-2738' via merge request https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ee/merge_requests/2240
      Removed background migrations which were intended to fix state after using Gitlab
      without a default having been set
      Squashed commits:
      Locally, if Spring was not restarted, `current_application_settings` was still cached, which prevented the migration from editing the file. This will also ensure that any app server somehow hitting old cache data will properly default this setting regardless.
      Retroactively fix migration
        This allows us to identify customers who ran the broken migration. Their `authorized_keys_enabled` column does not have a default at this point.
        We will fix the column after we fix the `authorized_keys` file.
      Fix authorized_keys file if needed
      Add default to authorized_keys_enabled setting
        Reminder: The original migration was fixed retroactively a few commits ago, so people who did not ever run GitLab 9.3.0 already have a column that defaults to true and disallows nulls. I have tested on PostgreSQL and MySQL that it is safe to run this migration regardless.
        Affected customers who did run 9.3.0 are the ones who need this migration to fix the authorized_keys_enabled column.
        The reason for the retroactive fix plus this migration is that it allows us to run a migration in between to fix the authorized_keys file only for those who ran 9.3.0.
      Tweaks to address feedback
      Extract work into background migration
      Move batch-add-logic to background migration
        Do the work synchronously to avoid multiple workers attempting to add batches of keys at the same time.
        Also, make the delete portion wait until after adding is done.
      Do read and delete work in background migration
      Fix Rubocop offenses
      Add changelog entry
      Inform the user of actions taken or not taken
      Prevent unnecessary `select`s and `remove_key`s
      Add logs for action taken
      Fix optimization
      Reuse `Gitlab::ShellAdapter`
      Guarantee the earliest key
      Fix migration spec for MySQL
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      Backport option to disable writing to `authorized_keys` file · 255a0f85
      Michael Kozono authored
      Originally branch 'mk-toggle-writing-to-auth-keys-1631'
      See merge request !2004
      Squashed commits:
      Add authorized_keys_enabled to Application Settings
      Ensure default settings are exposed in UI
      Without this change, `authorized_keys_enabled` is unchecked when it is nil, even if it should be checked by default.
      Add “Speed up SSH operations” documentation
      Clarify the reasons for disabling writes
      Add "How to go back" section
      Tweak copy
      Update Application Setting screenshot