1. 03 Jun, 2016 3 commits
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  3. 01 Jun, 2016 7 commits
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      Don't allow merges with new commits · f680eca9
      Sean McGivern authored
      Set a `sha` parameter on the MR form. If this doesn't match the HEAD of
      the source branch when the form is submitted, show a warning (like with
      a merge conflict) and don't merge the branch.
    • Sean McGivern's avatar
      Add `sha` parameter to MR accept API · d863d86a
      Sean McGivern authored
      The `sha` parameter is optional, and when present, must match the
      current HEAD SHA of the source branch. Otherwise, the API call fails
      with a 409 Conflict and a message containing the current HEAD for the
      source branch.
      Also tidy up some doc wording.
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      Reduce number of fog gem dependencies · e5bb417c
      Stan Hu authored
      Closes #15352
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      Fix 404 page when viewing TODOs that contain milestones or labels in different projects · f8a3344d
      Stan Hu authored
      A user viewing the TODOs page will see a 404 if there are mentioned labels
      in multiple different projects. This is likely a caching bug and only occurs
      when Markdown rendering occurs across multiple projects, which is why it's so
      tricky to reproduce. This is what I think is happening:
      1. LabelReferenceFilter#references_in encounters label ~X for ProjectA and finds the label in the DB as id = 1.
      2. LabelReferenceFilter.references_in yields [1, 'X', nil, ...]
      3. Since project_ref is nil, AbstractReferenceFilter#project_from_ref_cache caches nil => ProjectA.
      4. LabelReferenceFilter#references_in encounters label ~Y for ProjectB and finds the label in the DB as id = 2.
      5. LabelReferenceFilter.references_in yields [2, 'Y', nil, ...]
      6. AbstractReferenceFilter#project_from_ref_cache lookups nil and returns ProjectA. It was supposed to be ProjectB.
      7. A is the wrong project, so the label lookup fails.
      This MR caches Markdown references if the key is present.
      Closes #17898
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      Make EmailsOnPushWorker use Sidekiq mailers queue · 47b60b6c
      Stan Hu authored
      EmailsOnPushWorker was using the default queue, which made it impossible
      to prioritize MergeWorker and other key workers with a separate Sidekiq
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