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  1. 04 Nov, 2016 32 commits
  2. 03 Nov, 2016 8 commits
    • Fatih Acet's avatar
      Merge branch '22914-mini-graph-icons' into 'master' · 630c40b9
      Fatih Acet authored
      Add new icon for skipped builds; show created state in mini graph
      Closes #22914
      See merge request !7276
    • Fatih Acet's avatar
      Merge branch 'project-container-repo-disable' into 'master' · 257075e4
      Fatih Acet authored
      Hides registry if project repository is disabled
      ## What does this MR do?
      When disabling the projects repository it now hides the container registry as well.
      ## Screenshots (if relevant)
      ## What are the relevant issue numbers?
      See merge request !7036
    • Fatih Acet's avatar
      Merge branch 'file-toggle' into 'master' · ac1bbe7a
      Fatih Acet authored
      Unify dropdown button styles
      Unifies dropdown styles across app (use one shade of gray for border, always use caret instead of chevron)   
      Should affect _all_ dropdowns
      See merge request !7250
    • Alfredo Sumaran's avatar
      Update match-regex to fix filename convention · 18dd4cf5
      Alfredo Sumaran authored
      This allows us to pass .js.es6 files as valid filenames;
    • Alfredo Sumaran's avatar
      Move jquery.timeago to vendor directory · 055e2ac2
      Alfredo Sumaran authored
    • Connor Shea's avatar
    • Lukas Erlacher's avatar
      Show log corresponding to env in admin/logs · e900e53a
      Lukas Erlacher authored
      No matter which environment Gitlab was running as, the admin/logs view
      always showed production.log. This commit selects the logfile based
      on Rails.env.
      - Rename ProductionLogger to EnvironmentLogger
      - Make EnvironmentLogger logfile depend on env
      - Update spinach test for log tabs
    • Fatih Acet's avatar
      Merge branch '24133-custom-signin-text-alignment' into 'master' · cc83039a
      Fatih Acet authored
      Add custom text to column
      Closes #24133
      See merge request !7269