Make the frozen_string Danger check more resilient

It's possible for a Ruby file to be empty and thus `gets` returns `nil`.

Also indents the Markdown since we're using `<<~` and removes an
unneeded variable.
parent 7b6d3974
......@@ -6,22 +6,21 @@ MAGIC_COMMENT = "# frozen_string_literal: true"
def get_files_with_no_magic_comment(files) do |file|
file.end_with?(FILE_EXTENSION) &&
!, &:gets).start_with?(MAGIC_COMMENT)
!, &:gets)&.start_with?(MAGIC_COMMENT)
files_to_check = git.added_files
files_to_fix = get_files_with_no_magic_comment(files_to_check)
files_to_fix = get_files_with_no_magic_comment(git.added_files)
if files_to_fix.any?
warn 'This merge request adds files that do not enforce frozen string literal. ' \
'See for more information.'
## Enable Frozen String Literal
## Enable Frozen String Literal
The following files should have `#{MAGIC_COMMENT}` in the first line:
The following files should have `#{MAGIC_COMMENT}` on the first line:
* #{ { |path| "`#{path}`" }.join("\n* ")}
* #{ { |path| "`#{path}`" }.join("\n* ")}
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