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......@@ -14,3 +14,4 @@ providers.
- [CAS](../../integration/ Configure GitLab to sign in using CAS
- [SAML](../../integration/ Configure GitLab as a SAML 2.0 Service Provider
- [Okta]( Configure GitLab to sign in using Okta
- [Authentiq]( Enable the Authentiq OmniAuth provider for passwordless authentication
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ Follow the steps below to configure an active/active setup:
1. [Configure the database](
1. [Configure Redis](
1. [Configure Redis for GitLab source installations](
1. [Configure NFS](
1. [Configure the GitLab application servers](
1. [Configure the load balancers](
......@@ -16,21 +16,27 @@ Learn how to install, configure, update, and maintain your GitLab instance.
- [Install](../install/ Requirements, directory structures, and installation methods.
- [High Availability](high_availability/ Configure multiple servers for scaling or high availability.
- [High Availability on AWS](../university/high-availability/aws/ Set up GitLab HA on Amazon AWS.
### Configuring GitLab
- [Adjust your instance's timezone](../workflow/ Customize the default time zone of GitLab.
- [Header logo](../customization/ Change the logo on all pages and email headers.
- [Welcome message](../customization/ Add a custom welcome message to the sign-in page.
- [System hooks](../system_hooks/ Notifications when users, projects and keys are changed.
- [Security](../security/ Learn what you can do to further secure your GitLab instance.
- [Usage statistics, version check, and usage ping](../user/admin_area/settings/ Enable or disable information about your instance to be sent to GitLab, Inc.
- [Polling]( Configure how often the GitLab UI polls for updates.
- [GitLab Pages configuration](pages/ Enable and configure GitLab Pages.
- [GitLab Pages configuration for installations from the source](pages/ Enable and configure GitLab Pages on
- [GitLab Pages configuration for GitLab source installations](pages/ Enable and configure GitLab Pages on
[source installations](../install/
- [Environment variables]( Supported environment variables that can be used to override their defaults values in order to configure GitLab.
#### Customizing GitLab's appearance
- [Header logo](../customization/ Change the logo on all pages and email headers.
- [Branded login page](../customization/ Customize the login page with your own logo, title, and description.
- [Welcome message](../customization/ Add a custom welcome message to the sign-in page.
- ["New Project" page](../customization/ Customize the text to be displayed on the page that opens whenever your users create a new project.
### Maintaining GitLab
- [Raketasks](../raketasks/ Perform various tasks for maintenance, backups, automatic webhooks setup, etc.
......@@ -74,6 +80,7 @@ server with IMAP authentication on Ubuntu, to be used with Reply by email.
- [Issue closing pattern]( Customize how to close an issue from commit messages.
- [Gitaly](gitaly/ Configuring Gitaly, GitLab's Git repository storage service.
- [Default labels](../user/admin_area/labels.html): Create labels that will be automatically added to every new project.
- [Restrict the use of public or internal projects](../public_access/ Restrict the use of visibility levels for users when they create a project or a snippet.
### Repository settings
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- [administration/](../administration/
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