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- [Issue tracker guidelines](#issue-tracker-guidelines)
- [Issue weight](#issue-weight)
- [Regression issues](#regression-issues)
- [Technical debt](#technical-debt)
- [Merge requests](#merge-requests)
- [Merge request guidelines](#merge-request-guidelines)
- [Merge request description format](#merge-request-description-format)
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[8.3 Regressions]:
[update the notes]:
### Technical debt
In order to track things that can be improved in GitLab codebase, we created a
*technical debt* label in [issue tracker of CE][ce-tracker].
This label should be added to issues that describe things that can be improved,
shortcuts that has been taken, code that needs refactoring, features that need
additional attention, and all other things that have been left behind due to
high velocity of development.
Everyone can create an issue (though you may need to ask for adding a specific
label, if you do not have permissions to do it by yourself), additional labels
can be combined with *technical debt* label, to make it easier to schedule the
improvements for a release.
Issues with *technical debt* label have a same priority like issues that
describe a new features that can be introduced in GitLab, and should be
scheduled for a release by appropriate person.
## Merge requests
We welcome merge requests with fixes and improvements to GitLab code, tests,
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