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......@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ Learn how to install, configure, update, and maintain your GitLab instance.
- [Diff limits](../user/admin_area/ Configure the diff rendering size limits of branch comparison pages.
- [Merge request diffs storage]( Configure merge requests diffs external storage.
- [Broadcast Messages](../user/admin_area/ Send messages to GitLab users through the UI.
- [Admin Area](../user/admin_area/ for self-managed instance-wide configuration and maintenance.
#### Customizing GitLab's appearance
# GitLab Admin Area **[CORE ONLY]**
The Admin Area provides a web UI for administering some features of GitLab self-managed instances.
To access the Admin Area, either:
- Click the Admin Area icon (the spanner or wrench icon).
- Visit `/admin` on your self-managed instance.
NOTE: **Note:**
Only admin users can access the Admin Area.
## Admin Area sections
The Admin Area is made up of the following sections:
| Section | Description |
| Overview | View your GitLab Dashboard, and maintain projects, users, groups, jobs, runners, and Gitaly servers. |
| Monitoring | View GitLab system information, and information on background jobs, logs, [health checks](monitoring/, request profiles, and audit logs. |
| Messages | Send and manage [broadcast messages]( for your users. |
| System Hooks | Configure [system hooks](../../system_hooks/ for many events. |
| Applications | Create system [OAuth applications](../../integration/ for integrations with other services. |
| Abuse Reports | Manage [abuse reports]( submitted by your users. |
| Deploy Keys | Create instance-wide [SSH deploy keys](../../ssh/ |
| Service Templates | Create [service templates](../project/integrations/ for projects. |
| Labels | Create and maintain [labels]( for your GitLab instance. |
| Appearance | Customize [GitLab's appearance](../../customization/ |
| Settings | Modify the [settings](settings/ for your GitLab instance. |
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