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......@@ -143,17 +143,21 @@ thousands of unused Docker images.**
**How big are the Kubernetes clusters (`review-apps-ce` and `review-apps-ee`)?**
> The clusters are currently set up with a single pool of preemptible nodes,
with a minimum of 1 node and a maximum of 100 nodes.
with a minimum of 1 node and a maximum of 50 nodes.
**What are the machine running on the cluster?**
> We're currently using `n1-standard-4` (4 vCPUs, 15 GB memory) machines.
> We're currently using `n1-standard-16` (16 vCPUs, 60 GB memory) machines.
**How do we secure this from abuse? Apps are open to the world so we need to
find a way to limit it to only us.**
> This isn't enabled for forks.
## Other resources
* [Review Apps integration for CE/EE (presentation)](
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