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- [Installation from source]( - Install GitLab from source.
Useful for unsupported systems like *BSD. For an overview of the directory
structure, read the [structure documentation](
- [Docker]( - Install GitLab using Docker.
- [Docker]( - Install GitLab using Docker.
## Install GitLab on cloud providers
# GitLab Docker images
[Docker]( and container technology have been revolutionizing the software world for the past few years. They combine the performance and efficiency of native execution with the abstraction, security, and immutability of virtualization.
GitLab provides official Docker images to allowing you to easily take advantage of the benefits of containerization while operating your GitLab instance.
## Omnibus GitLab based images
GitLab maintains a set of [official Docker images]( based on our [Omnibus GitLab package]( These images include:
* [GitLab Community Edition](
* [GitLab Enterprise Edition](
* [GitLab Runner](
A [complete usage guide]( to these images is available, as well as the [Dockerfile used for building the images](
## Cloud native images
GitLab is also working towards a [cloud native set of containers](, with a single image for each component service. We intend for these images to eventually replace the [Omnibus GitLab based images](#omnibus-gitlab-based-images).
# GitLab Docker images
* The official GitLab Community Edition Docker image is [available on Docker Hub](
* The official GitLab Enterprise Edition Docker image is [available on Docker Hub](
* The complete usage guide can be found in [Using GitLab Docker images](
* The Dockerfile used for building public images is in [Omnibus Repository](
* Check the guide for [creating Omnibus-based Docker Image](
This content has been moved to [our documentation site](
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