Commit d964816b authored by Robert Speicher's avatar Robert Speicher

Merge branch 'bvl-fix-login-issue-with-ldap-enabled' into 'master'

Load the sessionscontroller after loading the ldap strategies

Closes #35447

See merge request !13049
parents 6536c990 fa9adb65
......@@ -5,6 +5,14 @@ class SessionsController < Devise::SessionsController
skip_before_action :check_two_factor_requirement, only: [:destroy]
# Explicitly call protect from forgery before anything else. Otherwise the
# CSFR-token might be cleared before authentication is done. This was the case
# when LDAP was enabled and the `OmniauthCallbacksController` is loaded
# *Note:* `prepend: true` is the default for rails4, but this will be changed
# to `prepend: false` in rails5.
protect_from_forgery prepend: true, with: :exception
prepend_before_action :check_initial_setup, only: [:new]
prepend_before_action :authenticate_with_two_factor,
if: :two_factor_enabled?, only: [:create]
title: Fix cross site request protection when logging in as a regular user when LDAP
is enabled
merge_request: 13049
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