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Large features by the 1st, small ones by the 3rd

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......@@ -64,6 +64,29 @@ Merge requests may still be merged into master during this period,
but they will go into the _next_ release, unless they are manually cherry-picked into the stable branch.
By freezing the stable branches 2 weeks prior to a release, we reduce the risk of a last minute merge request potentially breaking things.
### Between the 1st and the 7th
These types of merge requests need special consideration:
* **Large features**: a large feature is one that is highlighted in the kick-off
and the release blogpost; typically this will have its own channel in Slack
and a dedicated team with front-end, back-end, and UX.
* **Small features**: any other feature request.
**Large features** must be with a maintainer **by the 1st**. It's OK if they
aren't completely done, but this allows the maintainer enough time to make the
decision about whether this can make it in before the freeze. If the maintainer
doesn't think it will make it, they should inform the developers working on it
and the Product Manager responsible for the feature.
**Small features** must be with a reviewer (not necessarily maintainer) **by the
Most merge requests from the community do not have a specific release
target. However, if one does and falls into either of the above categories, it's
the reviewer's responsibility to manage the above communication and assignment
on behalf of the community member.
### On the 7th
Merge requests should still be complete, following the
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