Commit d2f1d585 authored by Jan Provaznik's avatar Jan Provaznik

Skip projects filter on merge requests search

When searching for merge requests, an additional subquery
is added which by default filters only merge requests which belong
to source or target project user has permission for.

This filter is not needed because more restrictive filter
which checks if user has permission for target project
is used in the query.

So unless a custom projects filter is used by user, it's possible
to skip the default projects filter and speed up the final query.

Related to #40540
parent 889c7081
module Search
class GlobalService
attr_accessor :current_user, :params
attr_reader :default_project_filter
def initialize(user, params)
@current_user, @params = user, params.dup
@default_project_filter = true
def execute, projects, params[:search]), projects, params[:search],
default_project_filter: default_project_filter)
def projects
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ module Search
def initialize(user, group, params)
super(user, params)
@default_project_filter = false
@group = group
title: Improve search query for merge requests.
type: performance
......@@ -27,10 +27,17 @@ module Gitlab
# It allows us to search only for projects user has access to
attr_reader :limit_projects
def initialize(current_user, limit_projects, query)
# Whether a custom filter is used to restrict scope of projects.
# If the default filter (which lists all projects user has access to)
# is used, we can skip it when filtering merge requests and optimize the
# query
attr_reader :default_project_filter
def initialize(current_user, limit_projects, query, default_project_filter: false)
@current_user = current_user
@limit_projects = limit_projects || Project.all
@query = query
@default_project_filter = default_project_filter
def objects(scope, page = nil)
......@@ -94,7 +101,11 @@ module Gitlab
def merge_requests
merge_requests =
merge_requests =
unless default_project_filter
merge_requests = merge_requests.in_projects(project_ids_relation)
merge_requests =
if query =~ /[#!](\d+)\z/
merge_requests.where(iid: $1)
......@@ -51,6 +51,17 @@ describe Gitlab::SearchResults do
expect(results.objects('merge_requests')).to include merge_request_2
it 'includes project filter by default' do
expect(results).to receive(:project_ids_relation).and_call_original
it 'it skips project filter if default is used' do
allow(results).to receive(:default_project_filter).and_return(true)
expect(results).not_to receive(:project_ids_relation)
it 'does not list issues on private projects' do
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