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# Analytics workspace
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 12.2 (enabled using `analytics` feature flag).
The Analytics workspace will make it possible to aggregate analytics across
GitLab, so that users can view information across multiple projects and groups
in one place.
To access the centralized analytics workspace:
1. Ensure it's enabled. Requires a GitLab administrator to enable it with the `analytics` feature
1. Once enabled, click on **Analytics** from the top navigation bar.
## Available analytics
From the centralized analytics workspace, the following analytics are available:
- [Cycle Analytics](
NOTE: **Note:**
Project-level Cycle Analytics are still available at a project's **Project > Cycle Analytics**.
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### Cycle Analytics permissions
Find the current permissions on the Cycle Analytics dashboard on
the [documentation on Cycle Analytics permissions](project/
the [documentation on Cycle Analytics permissions](analytics/
### Issue Board permissions
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## Guest User
Create a user and assign to a project with a role as `Guest` user, this user
will be considered as guest user by GitLab and will not take up the license.
There is no specific `Guest` role for newly created users. If this user will
be assigned a higher role to any of the projects and groups then this user will
take a license seat. If a user creates a project this user becomes a maintainer,
therefore, takes up a license seat as well, in order to prevent this you have
to go and edit user profile and mark the user as External.
When a user is given `Guest` permissions on a project and/or group, and holds no
higher permission level on any other project or group on the instance, the user
is considered a guest user by GitLab and will not consume a license seat.
There is no other specific "guest" designation for newly created users.
If the user is assigned a higher role on any projects or groups, the user will
take a license seat. If a user creates a project, the user becomes a `Maintainer`
on the project, resulting in the use of a license seat. To prevent a guest user
from creating projects, you can edit the user profile to mark the user as
## External users permissions
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