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Added documentation for starting a discussion from a
non-discussion comment feature.
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Custom commit messages will be introduced by
## Start a discussion from a non-discussion comment
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 11.9
To reply a non-discussion comment, you can use the **Reply to comment** button.
![Reply to comment button](img/reply_to_comment_button.png)
The **Reply to comment** button is only displayed if you have permissions to reply to an existing discussion, or start a discussion from a standalone comment.
Clicking on the **Reply to comment** button will bring the reply area into focus and you can type your reply.
![Reply to comment feature](img/reply_to_comment.gif)
Relying to a non-discussion comment will convert the non-discussion comment to a
threaded discussion once the reply is submitted.
This feature only exists for Issues, Merge requests, and Epics. Commits, Snippets and Merge request diff discussions are not supported.
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