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# Authentication
This page gathers all the resources for the topic **Authentication** within GitLab.
## GitLab users
- [SSH](../../ssh/
- [Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)](../../user/profile/account/
- **Articles:**
- [Support for Universal 2nd Factor Authentication - YubiKeys](
- [Security Webcast with Yubico](
- **Integrations:**
- [GitLab as OAuth2 authentication service provider](../integration/
## GitLab administrators
- [LDAP (Community Edition)](../../administration/auth/
- [LDAP (Enterprise Edition)](
- [Enforce Two-factor Authentication (2FA)](../../security/
- **Articles:**
- [Feature Highlight: LDAP Integration](
- [Debugging LDAP](
- **Integrations:**
- [OmniAuth](../../integration/
- [Authentiq OmniAuth Provider](../../administration/auth/
- [Atlassian Crowd OmniAuth Provider](../../administration/auth/
- [CAS OmniAuth Provider](../../integration/
- [SAML OmniAuth Provider](../../integration/
- [Okta SSO provider](../../administration/auth/
- [Kerberos integration (GitLab EE)](
## API
- [OAuth 2 Tokens](../../api/
- [Private Tokens](../../api/
- [Impersonation tokens](../api/
- [GitLab as an OAuth2 provider](../../api/
- [GitLab Runner API - Authentication](../../api/ci/
## Thirdy-part resources
- [Kabanboard Plugin GitLab Authentication](
- [Jenkins GitLab OAuth Plugin](
- [Setup Gitlab CE with Active Directory authentication](
- [How to customize GitLab to support OpenID authentication](
- [Openshift - Configuring Authentication and User Agent](
......@@ -7,10 +7,10 @@ you through better understanding GitLab's concepts
through our regular docs, and, when available, through articles (guides,
tutorials, technical overviews, blog posts) and videos.
- [GitLab Installation](../install/
- [Authentication](authentication/
- [Continuous Integration (GitLab CI)](../ci/
- [GitLab Installation](../install/
- [GitLab Pages](../user/project/pages/
Non-linked topics are currently under development and subjected to change.
More topics will be available soon.
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