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- [Deployment of Helm, Ingress, and Prometheus on Kubernetes](user/project/clusters/
- [Protected variables](ci/variables/
- [Easy creation of Kubernetes clusters on GKE](user/project/clusters/
- [Executable Runbooks](topics/runbooks/
### Monitor
# Runbooks
Runbooks are a collection of documented procedures that explain how to
carry out a particular process, be it starting, stopping, debugging,
or troubleshooting a particular system.
## Overview
Historically, runbooks took the form of a decision tree or a detailed
step-by-step guide depending on the condition or system.
Modern implementations have introduced the concept of an "executable
runbooks", where along with a well define process, operators can execute
code blocks or database queries against a given environment.
## Nurtch Executable Runbooks
> [Introduced][ce-45912] in GitLab 11.4.
The JupyterHub app offered via GitLab’s Kubernetes integration now ships
with Nurtch’s Rubix library, providing a simple way to create DevOps
runbooks. A sample runbook is provided, showcasing common operations.
The below video provides an overview of how this is acomplished in GitLab.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src=""
frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
## Requirements
To create an executable runbook, you will need:
1. **Kubernetes Cluster** -
1. **Helm Tiller** -
1. **Ingress** -
1. **JupyterHub** -
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