Commit bf0b7927 authored by Kushal Pandya's avatar Kushal Pandya

Merge branch 'gt-update-operations-settings-breadcrumb-trail' into 'master'

Update operations settings breadcrumb trail

Closes #56387

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!25539
parents aa77c5bd 32f47485
- @content_class = 'limit-container-width' unless fluid_layout
- page_title _('Operations')
- page_title _('Operations Settings')
- breadcrumb_title _('Operations Settings')
= render 'projects/settings/operations/error_tracking', expanded: true
= render_if_exists 'projects/settings/operations/tracing'
title: Update operations settings breadcrumb trail
merge_request: 25539
author: George Tsiolis
type: changed
......@@ -5227,6 +5227,9 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "Operations Dashboard"
msgstr ""
msgid "Operations Settings"
msgstr ""
msgid "Optionally, you can %{link_to_customize} how FogBugz email addresses and usernames are imported into GitLab."
msgstr ""
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