Commit bd1c5962 authored by 黄涛's avatar 黄涛

add Italian translation to I18N

translated of Cycle Analytics Page
translated of Project Page
translated of Repository Page
add Changelog

Closes #34544
parent 6bbbc0ba
title: Add Italian translation of Cycle Analytics Page & Project Page & Repository Page
merge_request: 12578
author: Huang Tao
......@@ -12,7 +12,8 @@ module Gitlab
'zh_HK' => '繁體中文(香港)',
'zh_TW' => '繁體中文(臺灣)',
'bg' => 'български',
'eo' => 'Esperanto'
'eo' => 'Esperanto',
'it' => 'Italiano'
def available_locales
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