Commit b18dfc8d authored by Sytse Sijbrandij's avatar Sytse Sijbrandij

No need to commit when using a dockerfile.

parent cb4e16b7
......@@ -51,19 +51,19 @@ After this you can login to the web interface as explained in 'After starting a
Build the image:
sudo docker build --tag gitlab-ce docker/single/
sudo docker build --tag sytse/gitlab-ce:7.10.1 docker/single/
Publish the image to Dockerhub:
sudo docker commit -m "Initial commit" -a "Sytse Sijbrandij" gitlab-ce sytse/gitlab-ce:7.10.1
sudo docker push sytse/gitlab-ce:7.10.1
sudo docker push sytse/gitlab-ce
Diagnosing commands:
docker run -i -t -v `pwd`/var-opt-gitlab:/var/opt/gitlab -v `pwd`/var-log-gitlab:/var/log/gitlab -v `pwd`/etc-gitlab:/etc/gitlab sytse/gitlab-ce:7.10.1
sudo docker run -ti -e TERM=linux --name gitlab-ce-troubleshoot --publish 8080:80 --publish 2222:22 sytse/gitlab-ce:7.10.1 bash /usr/local/bin/wrapper
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