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## Run tests
This runs all test suites present in GitLab.
In order to run the test you can use the following commands:
- `rake spinach` to run the spinach suite
- `rake spec` to run the rspec suite
- `rake teaspoon` to run the teaspoon test suite
- `rake gitlab:test` to run all the tests
bundle exec rake test
Note: Both `rake spinach` and `rake spec` takes significant time to pass.
Instead of running full test suite locally you can save a lot of time by running
a single test or directory related to your changes. After you submit merge request
CI will run full test suite for you. Green CI status in the merge request means
full test suite is passed.
Note: You can't run `rspec .` since this will try to run all the `_spec.rb`
files it can find, also the ones in `/tmp`
To run a single test file you can use:
- `bundle exec rspec spec/controllers/commit_controller_spec.rb` for a rspec test
- `bundle exec spinach features/project/issues/milestones.feature` for a spinach test
To run several tests inside one directory:
- `bundle exec rspec spec/requests/api/` for the rspec tests if you want to test API only
- `bundle exec spinach features/profile/` for the spinach tests if you want to test only profile pages
If you want to use [Spring]( set
`ENABLE_SPRING=1` in your environment.
## Generate searchable docs for source code
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