Commit 99bb3dde authored by Clement Ho's avatar Clement Ho

Merge branch 'zj-fix-fe-blank-button' into 'master'

Fix blank button not resetting project template value

Closes #36816

See merge request !13757
parents 45e816c7 3611b664
.project-templates-buttons.import-buttons{ data: { toggle: "buttons" } }
%input{ type: "radio", autocomplete: "off", name: "project_templates", id: "blank", checked: "true" }
%input{ type: "radio", autocomplete: "off", name: "project[template_name]", id: "blank", checked: "true", value: "" }
= icon('file-o', class: 'btn-template-icon')
- Gitlab::ProjectTemplate.all.each do |template|
title: Fix new project form not resetting the template value
type: fixed
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