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New doc: how to install GitLab on Azure

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......@@ -76,7 +76,8 @@ Learn how to deploy a static website with [GitLab Pages](../user/project/pages/i
## Install and maintain GitLab
Install, upgrade, integrate, migrate to GitLab:
[Admin](../, [install](../install/,
upgrade, integrate, migrate to GitLab:
| Article title | Category | Publishing date |
| :------------ | :------: | --------------: |
......@@ -18,9 +18,17 @@ the hardware requirements.
Useful for unsupported systems like *BSD. For an overview of the directory
structure, read the [structure documentation](
- [Docker]( - Install GitLab using Docker.
## Install GitLab on cloud providers
- [Installing in Kubernetes](kubernetes/ - Install GitLab into a Kubernetes
Cluster using our official Helm Chart Repository.
- Testing only! [DigitalOcean and Docker Machine]( -
- [Install GitLab on OpenShift](../articles/openshift_and_gitlab/
- [Install GitLab on DC/OS]( via [GitLab-Mesosphere integration](
- [Install GitLab on Azure](azure/
- [Install GitLab on Google Cloud Platform](google_cloud_platform/
- [Install on AWS](
- _Testing only!_ [DigitalOcean and Docker Machine]( -
Quickly test any version of GitLab on DigitalOcean using Docker Machine.
## Database
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