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......@@ -196,6 +196,17 @@ release. There are two levels of priority labels:
milestone. If these issues are not done in the current release, they will
strongly be considered for the next release.
### Severity labels (~S1, ~S2, etc.)
Severity labels help us clearly communicate the impact of a ~bug on users.
| Label | Meaning | Example |
| ~S1 | Feature broken, no workaround | Unable to create an issue |
| ~S2 | Feature broken, workaround unacceptable | Can push commits, but only via the command line |
| ~S3 | Feature broken, workaround acceptable | Can create merge requests only from the Merge Requests page, not through the Issue |
| ~S4 | Cosmetic issue | Label colors are incorrect / not being displayed |
### Label for community contributors (~"Accepting Merge Requests")
Issues that are beneficial to our users, 'nice to haves', that we currently do
......@@ -397,9 +408,9 @@ For issues related to the open source stewardship of GitLab,
there is the ~"stewardship" label.
This label is to be used for issues in which the stewardship of GitLab
is a topic of discussion. For instance if GitLab Inc. is planning to remove
features from GitLab CE to make exclusive in GitLab EE, related issues
would be labelled with ~"stewardship".
is a topic of discussion. For instance if GitLab Inc. is planning to add
features from GitLab EE to GitLab CE, related issues would be labelled with
A recent example of this was the issue for
[bringing the time tracking API to GitLab CE][time-tracking-issue].
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