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# GitLab Community Edition
# GitLab Documentation
[GitLab]( is a Git-based fully featured platform
for software development.
Welcome to [GitLab](, a Git-based fully featured
platform for software development!
**GitLab Community Edition (CE)** is an opensource product, self-hosted, free to use.
All [GitLab products]( contain the features
available in GitLab CE. Premium features are available in
[GitLab Enterprise Edition (EE)](
We offer four different products for you and your company:
- **GitLab Community Edition (CE)** is an [opensource product](,
self-hosted, free to use. Every feature available in GitLab CE is also available on GitLab Enterprise Edition (Starter and Premium) and
- **GitLab Enterprise Edition (EE)** is an [opencore product](,
self-hosted, fully featured solution of GitLab, available under distinct [subscriptions]( **GitLab Enterprise Edition Starter (EES)** and **GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium (EEP)**.
- ****: SaaS GitLab solution, with [free and paid subscriptions]( is hosted by GitLab, Inc., and administrated by GitLab (users don't have access to admin settings).
**GitLab EE** contains all features available in **GitLab CE**,
plus premium features available in each version: **Enterprise Edition Starter**
(**EES**) and **Enterprise Edition Premium** (**EEP**). Everything available in
**EES** is also available in **EEP**.
**Note:** _We are unifying the documentation for CE and EE. To check if certain feature is
available in CE or EE, look for a note right below the page title containing the GitLab
version which introduced that feature._
......@@ -125,7 +137,7 @@ have access to GitLab administration tools and settings.
- [Access restrictions](user/admin_area/settings/ Define which Git access protocols can be used to talk to GitLab
- [Authentication/Authorization](topics/authentication/ Enforce 2FA, configure external authentication with LDAP, SAML, CAS and additional Omniauth providers.
### GitLab admins' superpowers
### Features
- [Container Registry](administration/ Configure Docker Registry with GitLab.
- [Custom Git hooks](administration/ Custom Git hooks (on the filesystem) for when webhooks aren't enough.
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