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Add guidelines in doc linking with HAML

## What does this MR do?

Add guidelines and examples of HAML links to
the buil-in help GitLab exposes under /help.

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add an alternative text: `[identifier]: "Alternative text"`
that appears when hovering your mouse on a link
### Linking to inline docs
Sometimes it's needed to link to the built-in documentation that GitLab provides
under `/help`. This is normally done in files inside the `app/views/` directory
with the help of the `help_page_path` helper method.
In its simplest form, the HAML code to generate a link to the `/help` page is:
= link_to 'Help page', help_page_path('user/permissions')
The `help_page_path` contains the path to the document you want to link to with
the following conventions:
- it is relative to the `doc/` directory in the GitLab repository
- the `.md` extension must be omitted
- it must not end with a slash (`/`)
Below are some special cases where should be used depending on the context.
You can combine one or more of the following:
1. **Linking to an anchor link.** Use `anchor` as part of the `help_page_path`
= link_to 'Help page', help_page_path('user/permissions', anchor: 'anchor-link')
1. **Opening links in a new tab.** This should be the default behavior:
= link_to 'Help page', help_page_path('user/permissions'), target: '_blank'
1. **Linking to a circle icon.** Usually used in settings where a long
description cannot be used, like near checkboxes. You can basically use
any font awesome icon, but prefer the `question-circle`:
= link_to icon('question-circle'), help_page_path('user/permissions')
1. **Using a button link.** Useful in places where text would be out of context
with the rest of the page layout:
= link_to 'Help page', help_page_path('user/permissions'), class: 'btn btn-info'
1. **Underlining a link.**
= link_to 'Help page', help_page_path('user/permissions'), class: 'underlined-link'
1. **Using links inline of some text.**
Description to #{link_to 'Help page', help_page_path('user/permissions')}.
1. **Adding a period at the end of the sentence.** Useful when you don't want
the period to be part of the link:
= succeed '.' do
Learn more in the
= link_to 'Help page', help_page_path('user/permissions')
## Images
- Place images in a separate directory named `img/` in the same directory where
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