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......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ _This notice should stay as the first item in the file._
- [Type labels (~"feature proposal", ~bug, ~customer, etc.)](#type-labels-feature-proposal-bug-customer-etc)
- [Subject labels (~wiki, ~"container registry", ~ldap, ~api, etc.)](#subject-labels-wiki-container-registry-ldap-api-etc)
- [Team labels (~"CI/CD", ~Discussion, ~Edge, ~Platform, etc.)](#team-labels-cicd-discussion-edge-platform-etc)
- [Priority labels (~Deliverable and ~Stretch)](#priority-labels-deliverable-and-stretch)
- [Priority labels (~Deliverable, ~Stretch, ~"Next Patch Release")](#priority-labels-deliverable-stretch-next-patch-release)
- [Label for community contributors (~"Accepting Merge Requests")](#label-for-community-contributors-accepting-merge-requests)
- [Implement design & UI elements](#implement-design-ui-elements)
- [Issue tracker](#issue-tracker)
......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ Most issues will have labels for at least one of the following:
- Type: ~"feature proposal", ~bug, ~customer, etc.
- Subject: ~wiki, ~"container registry", ~ldap, ~api, ~frontend, etc.
- Team: ~"CI/CD", ~Discussion, ~Edge, ~Platform, etc.
- Priority: ~Deliverable, ~Stretch
- Priority: ~Deliverable, ~Stretch, ~"Next Patch Release"
All labels, their meaning and priority are defined on the
[labels page][labels-page].
......@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@ indicate if an issue needs backend work, frontend work, or both.
Team labels are always capitalized so that they show up as the first label for
any issue.
### Priority labels (~Deliverable and ~Stretch)
### Priority labels (~Deliverable, ~Stretch, ~"Next Patch Release")
Priority labels help us clearly communicate expectations of the work for the
release. There are two levels of priority labels:
......@@ -195,6 +195,13 @@ release. There are two levels of priority labels:
- ~Stretch: Issues that are a stretch goal for delivering in the current
milestone. If these issues are not done in the current release, they will
strongly be considered for the next release.
- ~"Next Patch Release": Issues to put in the next patch release. Work on these
first, and add the "Pick Into X" label to the merge request, along with the
appropriate milestone.
Each issue scheduled for the current milestone should be labeled ~Deliverable
or ~"Stretch". Any open issue for a previous milestone should be labeled
~"Next Patch Release", or otherwise rescheduled to a different milestone.
### Severity labels (~S1, ~S2, etc.)
......@@ -685,4 +692,4 @@ available at [](http://contributor
[^1]: Please note that specs other than JavaScript specs are considered backend
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