Commit 83b1c44a authored by Elan Ruusamäe's avatar Elan Ruusamäe Committed by Evan Read

add changelogs/

this is to quickstart contributors who don't work daily on the codebase
parent 1cd080c7
# Generating changelog entries
To generate and validate your changelog entries:
1. Run `bin/changelog` to generate.
1. Run `scripts/lint-changelog-yaml` to validate.
See [development/changelog] documentation for detailed usage.
title: add readme to changelogs directory
merge_request: 25209
author: "@glensc"
type: added
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
require 'yaml'
invalid_changelogs = Dir['changelogs/**/*'].reject do |changelog|
next true if changelog =~ /(archive\.md|unreleased(-ee)?)$/
next true if changelog =~ /((README|archive)\.md|unreleased(-ee)?)$/
next false unless changelog.end_with?('.yml')
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