Commit 7f50358d authored by Marcel Amirault's avatar Marcel Amirault Committed by Evan Read

Update markdown lint style and option files

Add commented lines explaining the file, and including
rules that should pass already, and commented out rules
that can be added in the future, for reference.
parent 6f3a2b0b
# This is the options file for mdl, configured in .gitlab/ci/docs.gitlab-ci.yml,
# and related to the style file ./
# See
ignore_front_matter true
# This is the style file for mdl, configured in .gitlab/ci/docs.gitlab-ci.yml,
# and related to the options file ./mdlrc
# See
# for more detailed information on the rules and styles.
rule "MD001"
rule "MD003", :style => :atx
rule "MD011"
rule "MD023"
rule "MD032"
rule "MD034"
rule "MD037"
# Should not be used currently:
rule 'MD001'
# rule "MD004", :style => :dash # unordered list style - dash
# False positives, see
# rule 'MD004', style: :dash
rule 'MD032'
rule 'MD034'
# rule "MD039" # Spaces inside link text
# Crashes when link text has certain punctuation
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