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......@@ -177,6 +177,26 @@ is probably 1, adding a new Git Hook maybe 4 or 5, big features 7-9.
issues or chunks. You can simply not set the weight of a parent issue and set
weights to children issues.
### Regression issues
Every monthly release has a corresponding issue on the CE issue tracker to keep
track of functionality broken by that release and any fixes that need to be
included in a patch release (see [8.3 Regressions] as an example).
As outlined in the issue description, the intended workflow is to post one note
with a reference to an issue describing the regression, and then to update that
note with a reference to the merge request that fixes it as it becomes available.
If you're a contributor who doesn't have the required permissions to update
other users' notes, please post a new note with a reference to both the issue
and the merge request.
The release manager will [update the notes] in the regression issue as fixes are
[8.3 Regressions]:
[update the notes]:
## Merge requests
We welcome merge requests with fixes and improvements to GitLab code, tests,
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