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- [Issue weight](#issue-weight)
- [Regression issues](#regression-issues)
- [Technical debt](#technical-debt)
- [Stewardship][#stewardship]
- [Merge requests](#merge-requests)
- [Merge request guidelines](#merge-request-guidelines)
- [Contribution acceptance criteria](#contribution-acceptance-criteria)
......@@ -230,6 +231,21 @@ for a release by the appropriate person.
Make sure to mention the merge request that the `technical debt` issue is
associated with in the description of the issue.
### Stewardship
For issues related to the open source stewardship of GitLab,
there is the ~"stewardship" label.
This label is to be used for issues in which the stewardship of GitLab
is a topic of discussion. For instance if GitLab Inc. is planning to remove
features from GitLab CE to make exclusive in GitLab EE, related issues
would be labelled with ~"stewardship".
A recent example of this was the issue for
[bringing the time tracking API to GitLab CE][time-tracking-issue].
## Merge requests
We welcome merge requests with fixes and improvements to GitLab code, tests,
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