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Ask people to create EE MRs on the 7th

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......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ core team members will mention this person.
### Merge request coaching
Several people from the [GitLab team][team] are helping community members to get
their contributions accepted by meeting our [Definition of done](
their contributions accepted by meeting our [Definition of done][done].
What you can expect from them is described at
......@@ -64,6 +64,26 @@ Merge requests may still be merged into master during this period,
but they will go into the _next_ release, unless they are manually cherry-picked into the stable branch.
By freezing the stable branches 2 weeks prior to a release, we reduce the risk of a last minute merge request potentially breaking things.
### On the 7th
Merge requests should still be complete, following the
[definition of done][done]. The single exception is documentation, and this can
only be left until after the freeze if:
* There is a follow-up issue to add documentation.
* It is assigned to the person writing documentation for this feature, and they
are aware of it.
* It is in the correct milestone, with the ~Deliverable label.
All Community Edition merge requests from GitLab team members merged on the
freeze date (the 7th) should have a corresponding Enterprise Edition merge
request, even if there are no conflicts. This is to reduce the size of the
subsequent EE merge, as we often merge a lot to CE on the release date. For more
information, see
[limit conflicts with EE when developing on CE][limit_ee_conflicts].
### Between the 7th and the 22nd
Once the stable branch is frozen, only fixes for regressions (bugs introduced in that same release)
and security issues will be cherry-picked into the stable branch.
Any merge requests cherry-picked into the stable branch for a previous release will also be picked into the latest stable branch.
......@@ -158,3 +178,5 @@ still an issue I encourage you to open it on the [ issue tracker](http
[contribution acceptance criteria]:
["Implement design & UI elements" guidelines]:
[Thoughtbot code review guide]:
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