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title: Add documentation for Pipelines failure reasons
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......@@ -73,6 +73,21 @@ cancel the job, retry it, or erase the job trace.
![Pipelines example](img/pipelines.png)
## Seeing the failure reason for jobs
> [Introduced][ce-5742] in GitLab 10.7.
When a pipeline fails or is allowed to fail, there are several places where you
can quickly check the reason it failed:
- **In the pipeline graph** present on the pipeline detail view.
- **In the pipeline widgets** present in the merge requests and commit pages.
- **In the job views** present in the global and detailed views of a job.
In any case, if you hover over the failed job you can see the reason it failed.
![Pipeline detail](img/job_failure_reason.png)
## Pipeline graphs
> [Introduced][ce-5742] in GitLab 8.11.
......@@ -263,4 +278,5 @@ runners will not use regular runners, they must be tagged accordingly.
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