Add docs for EE components in CE components

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......@@ -880,6 +880,29 @@ import bundle from 'ee_else_ce/protected_branches/protected_branches_bundle.js';
See the frontend guide [performance section](./fe_guide/ for
information on managing page-specific javascript within EE.
## Vue code in `assets/javascript`
To seperate Vue template differences we should async import the components.
Doing this allows for us to load the correct component in EE whilst in CE
we can load a empty component that renders nothing. This code **should**
exist in the CE repository as well as the EE repository.
export default {
components: {
EEComponent: () => import('ee_component/components/test.vue'),
<ee-component />
## SCSS code in `assets/stylesheets`
To separate EE-specific styles in SCSS files, if a component you're adding styles for
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