Move eventable types constant to a helper

This moves API::ResourceLabelEventsHelpers::EVENTABLE_TYPES to a class
method in a separate helper module, allowing EE to redefine it without
having to directly modify the source code.
parent 6402880c
# frozen_string_literal: true
module API
module Helpers
module ResourceLabelEventsHelpers
def self.eventable_types
# This is a method instead of a constant, allowing EE to more easily
# extend it.
[Issue, MergeRequest]
......@@ -7,9 +7,7 @@ module API
before { authenticate! }
EVENTABLE_TYPES = [Issue, MergeRequest].freeze
EVENTABLE_TYPES.each do |eventable_type|
Helpers::ResourceLabelEventsHelpers.eventable_types.each do |eventable_type|
parent_type = eventable_type.parent_class.to_s.underscore
eventables_str = eventable_type.to_s.underscore.pluralize
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