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......@@ -10,8 +10,9 @@ You can leave a comment in the following places:
- commits
- commit diffs
The comment area supports [Markdown] and [quick actions]. One can edit their
own comment at any time, and anyone with [Maintainer access level][permissions] or
The comment area supports [Markdown] and [quick actions]. Every individual
comment can be [turned into a discussion](#start-a-discussion-by-replying-to-a-non-discussion-comment)
One can also edit their own comment at any time, and anyone with [Maintainer access level][permissions] or
higher can also edit a comment made by someone else.
You could also reply to the notification email in order to reply to a comment,
......@@ -339,6 +340,26 @@ and push the suggested change directly into the codebase in the merge request's
Custom commit messages will be introduced by
## Start a discussion by replying to a non-discussion comment
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 11.9
To reply a non-discussion comment, you can use the **Reply to comment** button.
![Reply to comment button](img/reply_to_comment_button.png)
The **Reply to comment** button is only displayed if you have permissions to reply to an existing discussion, or start a discussion from a standalone comment.
Clicking on the **Reply to comment** button will bring the reply area into focus and you can type your reply.
![Reply to comment feature](img/reply_to_comment.gif)
Relying to a non-discussion comment will convert the non-discussion comment to a
threaded discussion once the reply is submitted. This conversion is considered an edit
to the original comment, so a note about when it was last edited will appear underneath it.
This feature only exists for Issues, Merge requests, and Epics. Commits, Snippets and Merge request diff discussions are not supported yet.
Markdown is supported
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