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......@@ -1411,43 +1411,6 @@ variables:
You can set it globally or per-job in the [`variables`](#variables) section.
### Custom build directories
> [Introduced][gitlab-runner-876] in Gitlab Runner 11.1
NOTE: **Note:**
This can only be used when `custom_build_dir` is set to true in the [Runner's
By default, GitLab Runner clones the repository in the `/builds` directory,
but sometimes your project might require to have the code in a specific
directory, like the GO projects for example. In that case, you can specify
the `CI_PROJECT_DIR` variable to tell the Runner in which directory to clone
the repository:
image: golang:1.10-alpine3.7
CI_PROJECT_DIR: /go/src/
- test
stage: test
- pwd # /go/src/
The following executors may use this feature only when
is set to `1`:
- `shell`
- `ssh`
- `docker`, `docker+machine` when the job's working directory is mounted as a host volume.
## Special YAML features
It's possible to use special YAML features like anchors (`&`), aliases (`*`)
......@@ -1641,6 +1604,5 @@ CI with various languages.
[schedules]: ../../user/project/pipelines/
[variables-expressions]: ../variables/
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