Commit 5d69ea26 authored by Vincent Tunru's avatar Vincent Tunru

Use consistent URLs for review apps in the docs

It said `<slug>` at one place,
`review-<slug>` elsewhere, and no mention of `review`
at all in other places. We now leave out `review` everywhere.
parent 111e17e3
......@@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ deploy_review:
- echo "Deploy a review app"
name: review/$CI_BUILD_REF_NAME
url: https://$
url: https://$
- branches
......@@ -318,15 +318,15 @@ also contain `/`, or other characters that would be invalid in a domain name or
URL, we use `$CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG` in the `environment:url` so that the
environment can get a specific and distinct URL for each branch. In this case,
given a `$CI_BUILD_REF_NAME` of `100-Do-The-Thing`, the URL will be something
like ``. Again, the way you set up
like ``. Again, the way you set up
the web server to serve these requests is based on your setup.
You could also use `$CI_BUILD_REF_SLUG` in `environment:url`, e.g.:
`https://$`. We use `$CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG`
`https://$`. We use `$CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG`
here because it is guaranteed to be unique, but if you're using a workflow like
[GitLab Flow][gitlab-flow], collisions are very unlikely, and you may prefer
environment names to be more closely based on the branch name - the example
above would give you an URL like ``
above would give you an URL like ``
Last but not least, we tell the job to run [`only`][only] on branches
[`except`][only] master.
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