Add @dbalexandre to CODEOWNERS

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# Backend Maintainers are the default for all ruby files
*.rb @ayufan @DouweM @dzaporozhets @godfat @grzesiek @nick.thomas @rspeicher @rymai @smcgivern
*.rake @ayufan @DouweM @dzaporozhets @godfat @grzesiek @nick.thomas @rspeicher @rymai @smcgivern
*.rb @ayufan @dbalexandre @DouweM @dzaporozhets @godfat @grzesiek @nick.thomas @rspeicher @rymai @smcgivern
*.rake @ayufan @dbalexandre @DouweM @dzaporozhets @godfat @grzesiek @nick.thomas @rspeicher @rymai @smcgivern
# Technical writing team are the default reviewers for everything in `doc/`
/doc/ @axil @marcia
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