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- Update url placeholder for the sentry configuration page. !24338
## 11.6.10 (2019-02-28)
### Security (21 changes)
- Stop linking to unrecognized package sources. !55518
- Check snippet attached file to be moved is within designated directory.
- Fix potential Addressable::URI::InvalidURIError.
- Do not display impersonated sessions under active sessions and remove ability to revoke session.
- Display only information visible to current user on the Milestone page.
- Show only merge requests visible to user on milestone detail page.
- Disable issue boards API when issues are disabled.
- Don't show new issue link after move when a user does not have permissions.
- Fix git clone revealing private repo's presence.
- Fix blind SSRF in Prometheus integration by checking URL before querying.
- Check if desired milestone for an issue is available.
- Don't allow non-members to see private related MRs.
- Fix arbitrary file read via diffs during import.
- Display the correct number of MRs a user has access to.
- Forbid creating discussions for users with restricted access.
- Do not disclose milestone titles for unauthorized users.
- Validate session key when authorizing with GCP to create a cluster.
- Block local URLs for Kubernetes integration.
- Limit mermaid rendering to 5K characters.
- Remove the possibility to share a project with a group that a user is not a member of.
- Fix leaking private repository information in API.
## 11.6.8 (2019-01-30)
- No changes.
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