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Remove FE team label

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......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ _This notice should stay as the first item in the CONTRIBUTING.MD file._
- [Workflow labels](#workflow-labels)
- [Type labels (~"feature proposal", ~bug, ~customer, etc.)](#type-labels-feature-proposal-bug-customer-etc)
- [Subject labels (~wiki, ~"container registry", ~ldap, ~api, etc.)](#subject-labels-wiki-container-registry-ldap-api-etc)
- [Team labels (~CI, ~Discussion, ~Edge, ~Frontend, ~Platform, etc.)](#team-labels-ci-discussion-edge-frontend-platform-etc)
- [Team labels (~CI, ~Discussion, ~Edge, ~Platform, etc.)](#team-labels-ci-discussion-edge-platform-etc)
- [Priority labels (~Deliverable and ~Stretch)](#priority-labels-deliverable-and-stretch)
- [Label for community contributors (~"Accepting Merge Requests")](#label-for-community-contributors-accepting-merge-requests)
- [Implement design & UI elements](#implement-design--ui-elements)
......@@ -155,18 +155,21 @@ Examples of subject labels are ~wiki, ~"container registry", ~ldap, ~api,
Subject labels are always all-lowercase.
### Team labels (~CI, ~Discussion, ~Edge, ~Frontend, ~Platform, etc.)
### Team labels (~CI, ~Discussion, ~Edge, ~Platform, etc.)
Team labels specify what team is responsible for this issue.
Assigning a team label makes sure issues get the attention of the appropriate
The current team labels are ~Build, ~CI, ~Discussion, ~Documentation, ~Edge,
~Frontend, ~Gitaly, ~Platform, ~Prometheus, ~Release, and ~"UX".
~Gitaly, ~Platform, ~Prometheus, ~Release, and ~"UX".
The descriptions on the [labels page][labels-page] explain what falls under the
responsibility of each team.
Within those team labels, we also have the ~backend and ~frontend labels to
indicate if an issue needs backend work, frontend work, or both.
Team labels are always capitalized so that they show up as the first label for
any issue.
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