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Commit 49fc0da8 authored by Sarrah Vesselov's avatar Sarrah Vesselov

add info about UX label to feature proposal to

parent a3b74f1a
......@@ -286,7 +286,10 @@ might be edited to make them small and simple.
Please submit Feature Proposals using the ['Feature Proposal' issue template](.gitlab/issue_templates/Feature provided on the issue tracker.
For changes in the interface, it can be helpful to create a mockup first.
For changes in the interface, it is helpful to include a mockup. Issues that add to, or change, the interface should
be given the ~"UX" label. This will allow the UX team to provide input and guidance. You may
need to ask one of the [core team] members to add the label, if you do not have permissions to do it by yourself.
If you want to create something yourself, consider opening an issue first to
discuss whether it is interesting to include this in GitLab.
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