Commit 48dfc670 authored by Clement Ho's avatar Clement Ho

Stub old image diff url

parent 1ed8cf1c
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ feature 'image diff notes', :js do
# Stub helper to return any blob file as image from public app folder.
# This is necessary to run this specs since we don't display repo images in capybara.
allow_any_instance_of(DiffHelper).to receive(:diff_file_blob_raw_url).and_return('/apple-touch-icon.png')
allow_any_instance_of(DiffHelper).to receive(:diff_file_old_blob_raw_url).and_return('/favicon.ico')
context 'create commit diff notes' do
......@@ -192,7 +193,7 @@ feature 'image diff notes', :js do
it 'resizes image in onion skin view mode' do
find('.view-modes-menu .onion-skin').click
expect(find('.onion-skin-frame')['style']).to match('width: 243px; height: 240px;')
expect(find('.onion-skin-frame')['style']).to match('width: 228px; height: 240px;')
it 'resets onion skin view mode opacity when toggling between view modes' do
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