Relax Danger requirements about changed lines

This relaxes the commit rules regarding the number of changed lines.
Previously we required a detailed description if 20 or more lines were
changed. Starting with this commit we change the rules so Danger only
notifies you about writing a detailed description if:

1. A commit changes more than 3 files
2. The same commit changes more than 30 lines

This should make it easier to do a find replace to fix a typo, without
having to repeat what the subject line already says, while still
reminding developers to write a detailed description for new features
and other larger changes.

parent 197beefc
......@@ -26,6 +26,11 @@ def ce_upstream?
gitlab.mr_labels.any? { |label| label == 'CE upstream' }
def too_many_changed_lines?(commit)
commit.diff_parent.stats[:total][:files] > 3 &&
lines_changed_in_commit(commit) >= 30
def lint_commits(commits)
failures = false
......@@ -102,10 +107,10 @@ def lint_commits(commits)
failures = true
if !details && lines_changed_in_commit(commit) >= 20
if !details && too_many_changed_lines?(commit)
'Commits that change more than 20 lines ' \
'Commits that change 30 or more lines in more than three files ' \
'must describe these changes in the commit body'
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