Commit 42e99d83 authored by Athar Hameed's avatar Athar Hameed Committed by Evan Read

Document active param for JIRA service API

parent ad656410
......@@ -522,6 +522,7 @@ Parameters:
| `project_key` | string | yes | The short identifier for your JIRA project, all uppercase, e.g., `PROJ`. |
| `username` | string | yes | The username of the user created to be used with GitLab/JIRA. |
| `password` | string | yes | The password of the user created to be used with GitLab/JIRA. |
| `active` | boolean | no | Activates or deactivates the service. Defaults to false (deactivated). |
| `jira_issue_transition_id` | integer | no | The ID of a transition that moves issues to a closed state. You can find this number under the JIRA workflow administration (**Administration > Issues > Workflows**) by selecting **View** under **Operations** of the desired workflow of your project. The ID of each state can be found inside the parenthesis of each transition name under the **Transitions (id)** column ([see screenshot][trans]). By default, this ID is set to `2`. |
### Delete JIRA service
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