Commit 3491b19a authored by Tiago Botelho's avatar Tiago Botelho

Add specs for ProjectDestroyWorker

parent f0e4e399
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ module Projects
system_hook_service.execute_hooks_for(project, :destroy)
log_info("Project \"#{project.path_with_namespace}\" was removed")
log_info("Project \"#{project.full_path}\" was removed")
- if @project.delete_error.present?
This project was scheduled for deletion, but failed with the message:
This project was scheduled for deletion, but failed with the following message:
= @project.delete_error
= link_to "Don't show again", profile_path(user: {hide_no_ssh_key: true}), method: :put, class: 'alert-link'
= link_to "Don't show again", profile_path(user: { hide_no_ssh_key: true }), method: :put, class: 'alert-link'
= link_to 'Remind later', '#', class: 'hide-no-ssh-message alert-link'
= content_for flash_message_container do
= render 'deletion_failed'
- if current_user && can?(current_user, :download_code, project)
= render 'shared/no_ssh'
= render 'shared/no_password'
- @no_container = true
- flash_message_container = show_new_nav? ? :new_global_flash : :flash_message
= content_for flash_message_container do
- if current_user && can?(current_user, :download_code, @project)
= render 'shared/no_ssh'
= render 'shared/no_password'
= render partial: 'flash_messages', locals: { project: @project }
= render "projects/head"
= render "home_panel"
......@@ -6,11 +6,7 @@
= content_for :meta_tags do
= auto_discovery_link_tag(:atom, project_path(@project, rss_url_options), title: "#{} activity")
= content_for flash_message_container do
= render 'deletion_failed'
- if current_user && can?(current_user, :download_code, @project)
= render 'shared/no_ssh'
= render 'shared/no_password'
= render partial: 'flash_messages', locals: { project: @project }
= render "projects/head"
= render "projects/last_push"
......@@ -3,17 +3,14 @@ class ProjectDestroyWorker
include DedicatedSidekiqQueue
def perform(project_id, user_id, params)
project = Project.unscoped.find(project_id)
rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
project = Project.find(project_id)
user = User.find(user_id), user, params.symbolize_keys).execute
rescue StandardError => error
project.assign_attributes(delete_error: error.message, pending_delete: false)!(validate: false)
rescue Exception => error # rubocop:disable Lint/RescueException
project&.update_attributes(delete_error: error.message, pending_delete: false)
Rails.logger.error("Deletion failed on #{project&.full_path} with the following message: #{error.message}")
# See
# for more information on how to write migrations for GitLab.
class AddColumnDeleteErrorToProjects < ActiveRecord::Migration
include Gitlab::Database::MigrationHelpers
# Set this constant to true if this migration requires downtime.
DOWNTIME = false
# When a migration requires downtime you **must** uncomment the following
# constant and define a short and easy to understand explanation as to why the
# migration requires downtime.
# When using the methods "add_concurrent_index", "remove_concurrent_index" or
# "add_column_with_default" you must disable the use of transactions
# as these methods can not run in an existing transaction.
# When using "add_concurrent_index" or "remove_concurrent_index" methods make sure
# that either of them is the _only_ method called in the migration,
# any other changes should go in a separate migration.
# This ensures that upon failure _only_ the index creation or removing fails
# and can be retried or reverted easily.
# To disable transactions uncomment the following line and remove these
# comments:
# disable_ddl_transaction!
def change
add_column :projects, :delete_error, :text
require 'spec_helper'
describe 'Project show page', feature: true do
context 'when project pending delete' do
let(:project) { create(:project, :empty_repo, pending_delete: true) }
let(:worker) { }
before do
it 'shows flash error if deletion for project fails' do
error_message = "some error message"
project.update_attributes(delete_error: error_message, pending_delete: false)
visit namespace_project_path(project.namespace, project)
expect(page).to have_selector('.project-deletion-failed-message')
expect(page).to have_content("This project was scheduled for deletion, but failed with the following message: #{error_message}")
it 'renders 404 if project was successfully deleted' do
worker.perform(,, {})
visit namespace_project_path(project.namespace, project)
expect(page).to have_http_status(404)
require 'spec_helper'
describe ProjectDestroyWorker do
let(:project) { create(:project, :repository) }
let(:project) { create(:project, :repository, pending_delete: true) }
let(:path) { project.repository.path_to_repo }
subject { }
describe "#perform" do
it "deletes the project" do
describe '#perform' do
it 'deletes the project' do
subject.perform(,, {})
expect(Project.all).not_to include(project)
expect(Dir.exist?(path)).to be_falsey
it "deletes the project but skips repo deletion" do
it 'deletes the project but skips repo deletion' do
subject.perform(,, { "skip_repo" => true })
expect(Project.all).not_to include(project)
expect(Dir.exist?(path)).to be_truthy
describe 'when StandardError is raised' do
it 'reverts pending_delete attribute with a error message' do
allow_any_instance_of(::Projects::DestroyService).to receive(:execute).and_raise(StandardError, "some error message")
expect do
subject.perform(,, {}) change { project.reload.pending_delete }.from(true).to(false)
expect(Project.all).to include(project)
expect(project.delete_error).to eq("some error message")
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