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For examples of feedback on merge requests please look at already [closed merge requests]( If you would like quick feedback on your merge request feel free to mention one of the Merge Marshalls of [the core-team]( Please ensure that your merge request meets the contribution acceptance criteria.
## Definition of done
If you contribute to GitLab please know that changes involve more than just code.
We have the following [definition of done](
Please ensure you support the feature you contribute through all of these steps.
1. Description explaning the relevancy (see following item)
1. Working and clean code that is commented where needed
1. Unit and integration tests that pass on the CI server
1. Documented in the /doc directory
1. Changelog entry added
1. Reviewed and any concerns are addressed
1. Merged by the project lead
1. Added to the release blog article
1. Added to [the website]( if relevant
1. Community questions answered
1. Answers to questions rediated (in docs/wiki/etc.)
## Merge request description format
1. What does this MR do?
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