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......@@ -770,6 +770,7 @@ also be customized, and you can easily use a [custom buildpack](#custom-buildpac
| `PERFORMANCE_DISABLED` | From GitLab 11.0, this variable can be used to disable the `performance` job. If the variable is present, the job will not be created. |
| `K8S_SECRET_*` | From GitLab 11.7, any variable prefixed with [`K8S_SECRET_`](#application-secret-variables) will be made available by Auto DevOps as environment variables to the deployed application. |
| `KUBE_INGRESS_BASE_DOMAIN` | From GitLab 11.8, this variable can be used to set a domain per cluster. See [cluster domains](../../user/project/clusters/ for more information. |
| `ROLLOUT_RESOURCE_TYPE` | From GitLab 11.9, this variable allows specification of the resource type being deployed when using a custom helm chart. Default value is `deployment`. |
| `HELM_UPGRADE_EXTRA_ARGS` | From GitLab 11.11, this variable allows extra arguments in `helm` commands when deploying the application. Note that using quotes will not prevent word splitting. |
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