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......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ You can edit your account settings by navigating from the up-right corner menu b
From there, you can:
- Update your personal information
- Set a [custom status](#current-status) for your profile
- Manage [2FA](account/
- Change your username and [delete your account](account/
- Manage applications that can
......@@ -90,6 +91,27 @@ To enable private profile:
NOTE: **Note:**
You and GitLab admins can see your the abovementioned information on your profile even if it is private.
## Current status
> Introduced in GitLab 11.2.
You can provide a custom status message for your user profile along with an emoji that describes it.
This may be helpful when you are out of office or otherwise not available.
Other users can then take your status into consideration when responding to your issues or assigning work to you.
Please be aware that your status is publicly visible even if your [profile is private](#private-profile).
To set your current status:
1. Navigate to your personal [profile settings](#profile-settings).
1. In the text field below `Your status`, enter your status message.
1. Select an emoji from the dropdown if you like.
1. Hit **Update profile settings**.
Status messages are restricted to 100 characters of plain text.
They may however contain emoji codes such as `I'm on vacation :palm_tree:`.
You can also set your current status [using the API](../../api/
## Troubleshooting
### Why do I keep getting signed out?
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