Commit 19020d3c authored by Michael Kozono's avatar Michael Kozono

Remove unnecessary and broken example

The example provided was broken because it mistakes
a bug for a regression. It is not needed for clarity
anyway. The milestone part is no longer relevant as
parent 8cd6ffab
......@@ -185,11 +185,7 @@ next patch release.
If a merge request is to be picked into more than one release it will need one
`Pick into X.Y` label per release where the merge request should be back-ported
For example, if the current patch release is `10.1.1` and a regression fix needs
to be backported down to the `9.5` release, you will need to assign it the
`10.1` milestone and the following labels:
to. For example:
- `Pick into 10.1`
- `Pick into 10.0`
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