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## Limitations
- You are limited to use only the [CI predefined variables][variables] in the
`environment: name`. Any variables defined inside `script` will not work.
- If the branch name contains special characters and you use the
`$CI_BUILD_REF_NAME` variable to dynamically create environments, there might
be complications during deployment. Follow the [issue 22849][ce-22849] for
more information.
## Further reading
Below are some links you may find interesting:
......@@ -91,20 +91,9 @@ From there on, you would follow the branched Git flow:
1. Click on the link that's present in the MR related to the branch and see the
changes live.
## Distinguish between production and review apps
1. We need some form to distinguish between production/staging and review app environment,
- Are dynamic environments distinguishable by the slash in `environment:url`?
We would expect the environments to be of `type/name`:
1. This would allow us to have a clear distinction between different environment types: `production/`, `staging/dev`, `review-apps/feature/branch`,
3. We would be aware of some of these types and for example for `review-apps` show them differently in context of Merge Requests, ex. calculating `deployed ago` a little differently.
## Limitations
We are limited to use only [CI predefined variables][variables].
Check the [environments limitations](../
## Examples
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